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Watch Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 launch live

Nokia is expected to launch the Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 phones this afternoon -- and you can watch live.

Nokia is about to give us our first look at Windows Phone 8 phones. Expected to be the colourful Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, the new phones will give us a chance to get our hands on the next generation of Microsoft's mobile software.

You can watch the announcement live from New York in Nokia's livestream -- or stay here on CNET for the full skinny, of course.

Nokia boss Stephen Elop is "proud to be showing the very first working Windows Phone 8 device with everything unveiled", he tells the Wall Street Journal. It's certainly an important launch for Nokia, with the current Lumia line-up left high and dry by Microsoft's decision to cut off Windows Phone 7 phones, unable to update to the new software, new apps or new features.

Last week Samsung told the world about the first Windows Phone 8 device, the Samsung Ativ S. But Samsung didn't show it off, meaning Nokia will pip the Korean company to the post if it actually puts the new phones in the hands of journalists.

Meanwhile HTC looks likely to announce its own Windows Phone 8 devices on 19 September

Our stateside sidekicks from the US division of CNET are settling into their seats at the New York City Nokia launch as you read this, so keep it CNET for the news, first impressions and videos of the new phones.

The Nokia event kicks off at 3pm Blighty time, and we'll have everything you need to know in very short order. While you're waiting, check out leaked photos of the 920 and 820 -- as well as the rest of the week's phone-related happening in this week's Phone News video.

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What do you want to see in the new Windows Phones? Could you be tempted away from Apple or Android? Unveil your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: evleaks