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Warning about Windows DRM and the iPod

Warning about Windows DRM and the iPod

A Stereophile Magazine article notes the potential problems caused for iPod users by recording companies' use of digital rights management technology from Microsoft on some new CDs:

"One major drawback of the restricted disks, however, is non-compatibility with the Apple iPod. Since the new discs are based on SunnComm's MediaMax, which itself is rooted in Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) applications, the brochure leaves it up to iPod owners to read between the lines, explaining only, "It will play on any device that supports Windows Media DRM. These include Creative Labs Nomad players, Compaq iPAQ personal audio players, RCA personal audio players, Sanyo personal audio players, RIO personal audio players, and eDigital personal audio players."

We are awaiting reports from readers who have tried using the new DRM-enabled CDs with iTunes and the iPod. If you have any information, please drop us a line at

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