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Want to change the world? Think sex, music and a good book

The Webby Awards trotted out its list of the top 10 Web moments that changed the world, as part of the organization's 10th anniversary celebration.

And among the Top 10 momentous events of the decade are: Drudge's online scoop of Prez. Clinton's scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky, marking a new form of news blogs; Napster's challenge to the music industry and its subsequent court defeat; and Jeff Bezos, aka Mr., and his "Man of the Year" appearance on the cover of Time Magazine - signaling Internet bookstores and Internet retail had gone mainstream.

The walk down memory lane is a fun stroll, but a nagging question lingers....what about the contributions of the dancing baby, Mahir and Hamster dance? Feeding the soul with laughter has its contributions to society.