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Voice search comes to Stan streaming with Siri, Cortana

Stan wants you to spend more time watching and less time typing, so the Aussie streaming provider has introduced Siri search for Apple TV and Cortana search for Windows 10 devices.

Now you can search for shows like "Power" on Stan using your voice.


Your obnoxious uncle has been doing it for years, but yelling at the TV is finally going to produce results.

Home-grown Aussie streaming service Stan has announced new voice search features, letting users search for titles to watch without having to pick up the remote.

From today, subscribers accessing Stan through Apple TV will be able search for particular titles, genres and actors just by asking Siri. According to Stan, it is one of the first video-on-demand providers to support universal search like this in Australia.

The new feature follows similarly capabilities for Cortana voice search, launched through Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary update. Windows 10 users with a compatible device will be able to open Stan from the lock screen, just by asking Cortana. Say a phrase such as "Stan Search for Billions" and you'll be binge watching Stan's latest drama pick in no time.