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Vodafone officially launches 4G roaming in New Zealand

After a slight delay, Vodafone Red customers can now get 4G speeds in NZ when using the AU$5 roaming deal.


Back in mid-February, Vodafone announced that it would be adding 4G roaming coverage in some select countries all set to be available by the middle of this year.

The countries in question were the UK, "much of Europe" and New Zealand. While there have delays across the board on this, Vodafone today announced that 4G roaming was now live in New Zealand. No official timing was available for Europe and the UK -- although UK customers currently have access to 4G roaming in four different European countries.

The 4G offering is part of Vodafone's AU$5 a day roaming -- the deal lets customers pay the daily fee and get the same monthly data, call and SMS allowances as they would normally have access to on their plans, excluding any free Vodafone-to-Vodafone offers.

Vodafone customers can use the AU$5 roaming in 47 different countries. When in New Zealand, the 4G network will be automatically available on compatible handsets when in a coverage area, with 3G and 2G still available when required.

For travellers worried about exceeding data limits while roaming, Vodafone Red customers will have an automatic data top up for AU$10 for 1GB, which kicks in as soon as a data limit has been maxed.