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Tech Industry

Vignette joins Web services group

Software company Vignette said Monday that it has joined the Web Services Interoperability Organization, a coalition of 125 businesses developing tools and guidelines for creating Web services that work across different operating systems and programming languages. Vignette, which makes software that lets companies such as media news outlets and financial institutions manage their Web content, said its software supports a variety of Web service specifications as well as dueling development tools from Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

The group was created by IBM and Microsoft in February. Other members include AT&T, Cisco Systems and Procter & Gamble, which joined in April. Web services allow software to be made available over the Internet and to run on multiple devices such as PCs and cell phones. Web services have allowed people to check weather forecasts on cell phones and could some day enable more complex transactions, such as scheduling a plane flight or hotel reservations via a cell phone.