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Video reviews round-up: Gadgets over footie

If you're not glued to your television to watch every last second of Euro 2008, why not take a football breather and enjoy some gadget videos?

In the immortal words of Hank Williams Jr, are you ready for some football? While Hank Jr wasn't referring to real football of course, he still makes a relevant point in light of this summer's Euro 2008 competition. Are you actually prepared for overwhelming amounts of the sport for the entire month? No? Perhaps we could entice you with some gadget broadcasting.

Let's kick off with some cameras. In the Nikon Coolpix S600 video review, we're swept off our feet by the slate-black brushed metal on the compact. Its 28mm, wide-angle lens and 69mm (2.7-inch) LCD are impressive, too, and help this camera do well with outdoor shooting. On the dSLR side, the Pentax K20D video review shows off the camera's excellent build quality. If you're not brand-loyal, its 14 megapixels and loads of features could make it a serious contender.

Nate's Gear4 Duo video review shows the versatility of the 2.1 speaker system for iPods. It's excellent for kitchen or bedroom use, or even in the bath -- okay, not literally in the bath, but you know what we mean. On the other side of accessories, your gaming experience isn't spicy enough if you haven't checked out the Logitech G15 Keyboard (Revision 2) video review. A distinctive design with an orange LCD screen just screams 'l33t'.

If those tamales aren't hot enough for you, check out the Asus Lamborghini VX3 video review. This yellow-lidded, leather-clad laptop has a sports car feel -- and even the engine sound. We're also impressed by the Samsung SyncMaster 305T video review. Featuring a full 30 inches of LCD display, this monitor has a lock on screen real estate.

We understand the compulsion to watch any and all sports -- why else would the BBC show two weeks of snooker? -- but why not do it on a massive TV? In the Toshiba Regza 52Z3030D video review, you're sure to see every goal and handball over its 52 inches.

We've got to get back to work, Cravers. The football starts early tonight and we need to be ready. -Shannon Doubleday