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Video: Blog stars Lodwick, Cashmore rock out at Internet Week party

A game of Rock Band teamed two of the tech-gossip circuit's stars--Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick and Mashable founder Pete Cashmore. Let's just say they've both been much more successful online than they were onstage.

NEW YORK--If there were a meter of Internet "fameballing," as Gawker likes to dub those fine folks who get famous on the Internet for something and keep getting more and more notorious even though most people aren't really sure why, it would've been flying off the charts on Sunday night.

The reason? Two of the tech-gossip circuit's most popular poster boys, dapper Mashable exec Pete Cashmore and eccentric Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick took the stage together in a game of Rock Band.

The performance of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps," with Cashmore on vocals and Lodwick on guitar, took place at an Internet Week New York party thrown by video studio Next New Networks and blog platform Tumblr. Emcee Justin Johnson, a video producer at Next New, had encouraged a band full of Rock Band newbies to amass for the evening's final performance. With some prodding, Lodwick and Cashmore took the stage along with Mashable blogger Alana Taylor and Tumblr user Maria Alegre.

They didn't exactly rock out, as the game classified the performance as a "fail." But hey, they looked great in the process--and it'll certainly provide some fodder for tech-industry gadflies who like to poke fun at Cashmore's suave-Brit attitude and Lodwick's hipster philosophizing.