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Verizon offering speedy DSL to more customers

Verizon has expanded its 7 Mbps DSL service to more than 3 million customers in parts of 20 states, proving it hasn't forgotten about DSL.

Verizon's 7-megabits-per-second DSL service is now available to over 3 million of its customers, the company said Thursday.

The service, which was announced in January, was initially only available to about 400,000 homes, in roughly 400 communities. But the company has been upgrading service and ramping up speeds in parts of 20 states and the District of Columbia. Customers interested in getting the higher-speed service should check the Verizon Web site to see if the faster speed service is available in their area. In many places the fastest DSL speeds available are still only 3Mbps.

The new service offers 7.1Mbps downloads and 768 kilobits per second uploads for $42.99 with a one-year contract that also includes local phone service. Verizon President Denny Strigl recently acknowledged during an interview at an investor conference that the company has been downplaying its DSL service in lieu of its fiber to the home service called Fios. But he said that going forward DSL will be emphasized much more.

"We certainly haven't abandoned DSL," he said.