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Utilties Updates: iPulse�2.0.1; Burnz 1.0.6; ChronoSync�2.0.1; ExtremeZ-IP�3.1.1; more

Utilties Updates: iPulse 2.0.1; Burnz 1.0.6; ChronoSync 2.0.1; ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1; more

iPulse 2.0.1 is a Mac OS X monitoring app with compact and clever user interface. The new release has improvements for Panther.

Burnz 1.0.6 is a data-disc burning tool for Mac OS-X. The new release adds cross-platform drag-drop disk-image burning.

ChronoSync 2.0.1 is a file and folder synchronization and backup tool.

ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1 is an AppleShareIP server for Windows NT. The new release offers improved file transfer performance with Mac OS X clients, better Unicode character support, and other bug fixes.

HimmelBar 1.1.1 is utility to launch apps and utilities from the menu bar.

XProof PS 2.2.1 is a Raster Image Processor (RIP) for Epson printers

  • iPulse 2.0.1
  • Burnz 1.0.6
  • ChronoSync 2.0.1
  • ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1
  • HimmelBar 1.1.1
  • XProof PS 2.2.1
  • More from Utilities Updates