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Utilties Updates: DockFun!�4.1; Firewalk X 2.3.4; iStorm�3.0; more

Utilties Updates: DockFun! 4.1; Firewalk X 2.3.4; iStorm 3.0; more

DockFun! 4.1 is an application launcher that enables infinite different docks

Firewalk X 2.3.4 is a full featured firewall. The new release fixes a problem that damaged installed file permissions

iStorm 3.0 is a Rendezvous-enabled group collaboration; chalkboard, pdf synchronization tool and more.

ReadyToGoNightNight 1.0 is a preference pane for launching apps at sleep or wakeup

Voice Stickies 1.0.2 can create desktop stickies with audio-voice recording capability

  • DockFun! 4.1
  • Firewalk X 2.3.4
  • iStorm 3.0
  • ReadyToGoNightNight 1.0
  • Voice Stickies 1.0.2
  • More from Utilities Updates