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Utilties Updates: Apple DVD Studio Pro X�2.0.3; CandyBar�1.6.2; iClock�1.2b11; more

Utilties Updates: Apple DVD Studio Pro X 2.0.3; CandyBar 1.6.2; iClock 1.2b11; more

Apple DVD Studio Pro X 2.0.3 is a professional DVD authoring tool. The new release adds support for Cropped D-1 and 1/2 D-1 MPEG-2 video resolutions and changes the behavior of the dual-layer break point for DVD-9 projects.

CandyBar 1.6.2 is a tool to customize icons of OS X items. The new release is updated for Mac OS X 10.3.2.

iClock 1.2b11 is a menubar date/time/alarms/ip viewer. It also can provide a bird's eye view of timezones.

MacDialer 1.2.2 is a tool to dial phone numbers from any app. The new release fixes several bugs.

Screen Query 2.0.1 tests the screen for dead pixels

TypeRecorder X 2.0.1 can record every keystroke typed, and other computer activity.

  • Apple DVD Studio Pro X 2.0...
  • CandyBar 1.6.2
  • iClock 1.2b11
  • MacDialer 1.2.2
  • Screen Query 2.0.1
  • TypeRecorder X 2.0.1
  • More from Utilities Updates