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Utilities Updates: Synergy�1.0a8; Safari Bookmark Exporter�1.0.6; Aurora Igniter X�6.2.2; more

Utilities Updates: Synergy 1.0a8; Safari Bookmark Exporter 1.0.6; Aurora Igniter X 6.2.2; more

Synergy 1.0a8 provides iTunes menubar control, hotkeys, and cover art displays. In the new release the Floater now displays track and artist names when streaming Internet Radio.

Safari Bookmark Exporter 1.0.6 is a tool to export bookmarks to other browsers

Aurora Igniter X 6.2.2 is a driver for the video capture card

DBoost 1.3.9 is a tool to redistribute cpu time giving front app speed boost

WinSwitch 1.0 is an enhanced replacement for Fast User Switching menu

OnSync 1.4.1 is a mobile phone contacts synchronizer

  • Synergy 1.0a8
  • Safari Bookmark Exporter 1...
  • Aurora Igniter X 6.2.2
  • DBoost 1.3.9
  • WinSwitch 1.0
  • OnSync 1.4.1
  • More from Utilities Updates