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Utilities Updates: SafeFile�2.1.2; Audio Hijack�2.0.3; Authoxy�2.3; more

Utilities Updates: SafeFile 2.1.2; Audio Hijack 2.0.3; Authoxy 2.3; more

SafeFile 2.1.2 is a tool to create safes using encryption for secure file, data, docs

Audio Hijack 2.0.3 is a tool to record internet streams and any other audio

Authoxy 2.3 provides seamless authentication to HTTP or HTTPS proxies.

Disk Size 2.0b15 provides a status bar to show how much hard drive space is in use

BRU 1.1.1 is a backup and restore utility

  • SafeFile 2.1.2
  • Audio Hijack 2.0.3
  • Authoxy 2.3
  • Disk Size 2.0b15
  • BRU 1.1.1
  • More from Utilities Updates