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Utilities Updates: Path Finder�3.0.1; Application Enhancer�1.4.1; Little Snitch�1.1rc2; more

Utilities Updates: Path Finder 3.0.1; Application Enhancer 1.4.1; Little Snitch 1.1rc2; more

Path Finder 3.0.1 is a comprehensive file browser. The new release has been tested and tweaked for Mac OS 10.3 ("Panther"), has new documentation, and more.

Application Enhancer 1.4.1 is a haxie to enhance other apps via modules. The new release has support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

Little Snitch 1.1rc2 shows alert on outgoing network connections.

Intego NetBarrier X 10.3.1 is a software firewall for net security.

Montador 1.0 is an automatic mount point creator

iPodRip 2.4 is a tool to import iPod music to iTunes

  • Path Finder 3.0.1
  • Application Enhancer 1.4.1...
  • Little Snitch 1.1rc2
  • Intego NetBarrier X 10.3.1...
  • Montador 1.0
  • iPodRip 2.4
  • More from Utilities Updates