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Utilities Updates: My Favorite Things�1.5.1; NotifyMail X�5.0.0; SuperDuper!�1.0.1(55); more

Utilities Updates: My Favorite Things 1.5.1; NotifyMail X 5.0.0; SuperDuper! 1.0.1(55); more

My Favorite Things 1.5.1 is a self-configuring launch utility. The new release fixes a problem where the application would sometimes crash the first time it was run if the user had never set up a login item before.

NotifyMail X 5.0.0 automatic mail notifier

SuperDuper! 1.0.1(55) is a disk duplication, cloning, recovery tools. The new release fixes a problem when storing images on NFS volumes: they would sometimes end up being owned by "nfsnobody".

GIMP 2.0pre2 is an open source image editor.

RemoteCapture 1.2 is a tool to share your screen via a Web browser

  • My Favorite Things 1.5.1