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Utilities Updates: MacPADEdit 1.0b1; FoldersSynchronizer�3.4.7; more

Utilities Updates: MacPADEdit 1.0b1; FoldersSynchronizer 3.4.7; more

MacPADEdit 1.0b1 is a Mac OS X application to create and edit Portable Application Description (PAD) files, as defined by the Association of Shareware Professionals.

FoldersSynchronizer 3.4.7 is a tool to synchronize and backup files, folders, disks

GraphicConverter 5.0 is a tool to view, edit, convert most graphic file formats. The new release has abrowser search feature , support for lossless cropping of JPEGs, and conversion to CMYK.

Print Window 3.0b2 can print file listings directly from the Finder

Freaky Trash Manager 1.0b4 is a tool to manage multiple trash folders

  • MacPADEdit 1.0b1
  • FoldersSynchronizer 3.4.7