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Utilities Updates: Interarchy 7.0; Archive 5.1.5; CE QuicKeys�2.1b3; more

Utilities Updates: Interarchy 7.0; Archive 5.1.5; CE QuicKeys 2.1b3; more

Interarchy 7.0 can download and upload files via FTP (the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and FTP over SSH (FTP/SSH). The new release is fully Mac OS X native (carbon events and native core networking) and sports tabbed browsing.

Archive 5.1.5 is a tool to catalog disks. This update improves search performance when Archive is in the background. It also makes sure that drag and drop is working for all data entry fields, enables copy and paste in the feedback window and fixes an issue with the delete option in the recent list of the welcome window.

CE QuicKeys 2.1b3 is macro software to automate any task

Compare Folders 1.0 is a folder content comparison utility

AirPort Monitor Utility 1.1b1 is a tool to view info about AirPort base stations

  • Interarchy 7.0
  • Archive 5.1.5
  • CE QuicKeys 2.1b3
  • Compare Folders 1.0
  • AirPort Monitor Utility 1....
  • More from Utilities Updates