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Utilities Updates: httpmail plugin�1.35; Quicksilver�1.0 b14; TimeLeft�1.0; more

Utilities Updates: httpmail plugin 1.35; Quicksilver 1.0 b14; TimeLeft 1.0; more

httpmail plugin 1.35 is a tool to download Hotmail email in The new release sports simple folder synchronization

Quicksilver 1.0 b14 is a launcher and data manager

TimeLeft 1.0 is a laptop battery and UPS monitoring tool.

Reconnector 2.0 keeps server volumes and apps up and running.

NeoOffice/J 0.8.1 is a Mac OS X native port of OpenOffice

iSeek 1.0.3 is a net search tool in the menu bar contains an important bug fix for all users.

  • httpmail plugin 1.35
  • Quicksilver 1.0 b14
  • TimeLeft 1.0
  • Reconnector 2.0
  • NeoOffice/J 0.8.1
  • iSeek 1.0.3
  • More from Utilities Updates