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Utilities Updates: Hackpos� 1.0; Safari Enhancer�2.0.7b1; Disk Permissions Utility�2.0; more

Utilities Updates: Hackposé 1.0; Safari Enhancer 2.0.7b1; Disk Permissions Utility 2.0; more

Hackposé 1.0 turns on the secret Exposé "floating blob" which allows quick control over the Exposé feature in Mac OS X 10.3.

Safari Enhancer 2.0.7b1 enhances the functionality of Safari

Disk Permissions Utility 2.0 is a tool to repair OS X permissions problems

Wallet 1.2 is a secure password and contact storage application.

Startup Syringe 1.1 is a tool to change the Apple logo shown at system startup

SpeedFindX 1.2 is a high speed file search utility

X-Assist 0.6 adds OS 9 windowing, application menu, Apple-like menu support

  • Hackposé 1.0
  • Safari Enhancer 2.0.7b1
  • Disk Permissions Utility 2...
  • Wallet 1.2
  • Startup Syringe 1.1
  • SpeedFindX 1.2
  • X-Assist 0.6
  • More from Utilities Updates