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Utilities Updates: Groupcal Viewer 1.0; Unison�1.0.2; ToDo X 1.5; more

Utilities Updates: Groupcal Viewer 1.0; Unison 1.0.2; ToDo X 1.5; more

Groupcal Viewer 1.0 enables one to subscribe to any Microsoft Exchange-based calendar directly from Apple iCal.

Unison 1.0.2 is a Usenet newsreader for discussions, files, and media

ToDo X 1.5 is a dedicated to-do list application. The new release can import to-do items from iCal and other Mac or Windows applications that generate standard ".ics" data files.

PostView 1.4 is a document and image viewer. The new release opens files quicker and now supports text-searching of most encrypted PDF files. "Save As.." and "Reload" menu options have also been added.

Schedula Professional 11.5v1 enterprise-driven scheduler for FileMaker Pro 6. This release includes numerous interface refinements and introduces some new features, including independent To Do Lists and Gantt charts with customizable project task milestones that can be added to and updated from within the schedules.

  • Groupcal Viewer 1.0
  • Unison 1.0.2
  • ToDo X 1.5
  • PostView 1.4
  • Schedula Professional 11.5...
  • More from Utilities Updates