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Utilities Updates: GraphicConverter; Clean Desk; X-Launch; Glidel; Download Wizard; DiskSurveyor; more

Utilities Updates: GraphicConverter; Clean Desk; X-Launch; Glidel; Download Wizard; DiskSurveyor; more

GraphicConverter 4.0.4 is the latest version of this popular image editing application. This version fixes a vast array of bug fixes and feature improvements. Several noteworthy changes include better Photoshop support, a PICT import bug fix, and new autolevel AppleScript support.

Clean Desk 1.4.1 is a utility to restore the positions of desktop icons after switching resolutions. It includes minor bug fixes and adds AppleScript support.

X-Launch 2.1 is an enhanced replacement for Apple's Launcher Changes in this update include additional appearance and behavior options, and

iKeeper 1.1 enables you to quickly enter, view, or modify internet and product information and quickly search through your records to find the information you need. iKeeper 1.1 adds user requested features such as paste and drag & drop support to all iKeeper fields, and a support email field and email button to the product iKeeper.

Glidel 5.1.2 enables files to be dragged & dropped on items in the File or Apple Menus. This update adds compatibility for AliasMenu submenus and unprocessed items in the File menu are now disabled.

DownloadWizard 1.0 is a freeware AppleScript droplet that batch-downloads files listed in a source text file.

CommentThang Suite 1.1 is a suite of utilities to create, backup, and restore comments to batches of files. This version adds the ability to batch-erase comments.

DiskSurveyor 2.0 creates a graphic map of a hard drive. The release adds a number of new features: a filtering mode, faster disk scanning, more information in the display, better memory management, and more.

Live Deskpicture 1.2.1 is a screensaver and desktop utility that installs a picture of a rotating Earth. This release includes updated documentation and several bug fixes, including issues with the Titanium PowerBook display, missed refreshes due to processor load, and more.

Writer 1.8 is an enhanced replacement for SimpleText. This version adds a character counter and two new export formats: SimpleText read-only and Writer PRO. Fixes include the Command-D save changes issue, the Open and Import button crashes, and some interface tweaks.

Simple Diary 1.6.0 adds a free text style, auto-save, and an export as HTML function.

HTML-Optimizer 4.1 helps to reduce the potential load time for Web pages. It also checks tags and links. This version adds a customizable label menu and several interface improvements. HTML-OptimizerPlus 2.1, which can process up to 16 Web folders, includes the same changes.

Lexar JumpShot USB Driver 1.20 is the latest driver for this digital camera.

Mac OS X only:

    Nicer 2.0.1: graphical utility for setting process priorities.