Utilities Updates: Extension Overload; PrintToPDF; ClipDoubler; StyleScript; Wapp; Insecticide; Web Devil; Email Merge; more

Utilities Updates: Extension Overload; PrintToPDF; ClipDoubler; StyleScript; Wapp; Insecticide; Web Devil; Email Merge; more

Extension Overload 5.7.2 is an extensions, control panels, control strip modules and contextual menus management application. It offers detail information of 4430 extensions and control panels, control strip modules and contextual menu items in your system. The update fixes the Navigation Services Missing problem with 8.1 or earlier. It also fixes a display/possible crashing bug in the search dialog.

PrintToPDF 2.2 is a shareware Macintosh printer driver that creates PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. The update adds cross-reference and linking features, with new helper application "PrintToPDF Link Maker."

ClipDoubler 1.2 offers multiple clipboards. New in this version: Open clipboards can now automatically be saved on quit and reopened on launch; Support for editing clipboards and clipping files; Improved drag and drop to clippings files.

StyleScript update adds Adobe PostScript 3 printing capabilities to low-cost inkjet printers. This is an OS 9.x fix for StyleScript v4.0.2 and v5.0 and Epson 740, 740i, 760, 860, 1160 & HP 1120C printers.

PowerPrint USB 5.0 update connects a Mac to most PC printers. However, it does not include PostScript support.

Wapp pro 3.0fc1 is a windows/applications switcher. The update is much faster and can now track changes of windows from applications that are in the background. Wapp Floater 3.0 is a palette companion of Wapp pro.

Insecticide 1.0 is a "a powerful, fast, elegant and cheap anti-virus with background protection, heuristic virus detection, macro-virus support, and more. Insecticide is compatible with Mac OS 9.1 and will be converted to support Mac OS X."

vScan 1.8 detects all files for all strains of the AutoStart 9805 Worm current at 10/24/98 as well the Graphics Accelerator (GAX), Scores and INIT-M Viruses.

The Free Memory Show 2.1 displays free memory in the menu bar and allows you to quit open applications.

NoShift Needed 3.0 changes number keys to their punctuation equivalents, eliminating the need for using the Shift key each time.

MT-NewsWatcher 3.1 is a Usenet news client for the Macintosh. The update adds many new features and fixes.

MacSSH 2.1a8 is a telnet client with SSH2 support, based on BetterTelnet.

Web Devil 5.3.1 is a tool for downloading web sites for offline browsing, extracting web site images, backgrounds, HTML, JavaScript, Shockwave, etc., helping to maintain web sites for content authors, and more. The update fixes problems when using name filters where it would allow too many or too few URLs. It also fixes problems with URLs containing anchors being downloaded multiple times.

CrushFTP 2.0 is a major update to this full featured FTP server based on Java.

Email Merge 2.0.1 is a program for creating mailings of individualized email messages. The update fixes a bug in version 2.0 with sending messages via Outlook Express or Entourage.

Agenda 2.0 is a virtual device which can greet you, tell you the current date, read off your scheduled events for the day and remind you of pending items on your to-do list.

Voyager III 3.21 is out. This update to the astronomy program has many enhancements over earlier versions. (Thanks, Robert Nichols.)

Mac OS X only:

    Show Desktop 1.0 is a small OS X application that will hide all apps and show the desktop when clicked on. It also offers several Finder options.

    LoadInDock 0.2 is yet another CPU monitor.

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