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Utilities Updates: Emailchemy 1.5.5; Dock-It�1.6.1; SwitchXS�1.2; more

Utilities Updates: Emailchemy 1.5.5; Dock-It 1.6.1; SwitchXS 1.2; more

Emailchemy 1.5.5 reads email files from the proprietary formats of the most popular email applications and converts them to standard formats that any application can use. Version 1.5.5 is a maintenance release that features new output formats in the conversion wizard for easier import into Mozilla and Eudora.

Dock-It 1.6.1 is a multi-functional launcher and Finder enhancer. The new release fixes a launching problem.

SwitchXS 1.2 is a switch-based emulation of keyboard and mouse for disabled users.

DMG Maker 2.0.4 is a disk image creation utility with several disk tool features.

System Optimizer X 4.1 is a tool to speed up and clean up your system. The new release has maintenance scripts included in bundle to minimize errors for some users.

  • Emailchemy 1.5.5
  • Dock-It 1.6.1
  • SwitchXS 1.2
  • DMG Maker 2.0.4
  • System Optimizer X 4.1
  • More from Utilities Updates