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Utilities Updates: DockBlock�1.0.3; ProximitySync�4; RealZoom�0.7; more

Utilities Updates: DockBlock 1.0.3; ProximitySync 4; RealZoom 0.7; more

DockBlock 1.0.3 is a tool to toggle the Dock between show, hide and disable. The new release has a built in application switcher, where typing the Command-Tab keys allow you to switch between applications when the dock is disabled.

ProximitySync 4 is a tool to synchronize a Mac and Bluetooth devices when in proximity. The new release is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.

RealZoom 0.7 generates close-up images on LCD, CRT, or paper

Mac Minder 1.4.2 is a parent and teacher tool to track & limit program usage

SoraTile 2.4.3 is an application switcher and file opener for the menu bar.

  • DockBlock 1.0.3
  • ProximitySync 4
  • RealZoom 0.7
  • Mac Minder 1.4.2
  • SoraTile 2.4.3
  • More from Utilities Updates