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Utilities Updates: Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mouse�1.1; iChat AV 2.1; more

Utilities Updates: Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mouse 1.1; iChat AV 2.1; more

Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mouse 1.1 is a firmware update

Apple iChat AV 2.1 is an instant message/video conference tool

Apple Xgrid Technology Preview 2 Pools CPU resources

FileXaminer v2.0 is a File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X that can modify file and folder attributes that the Finder cannot ( ex. Type/Creator Info, UNIX permissions, and much more... ).

Keynote Jam 1.0 is a package of 56 3D-rendered images for Apple Keynote presentations.

SuperDuper! 1.2(61) is a tool to backup, clone, restore and more

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mo...
  • Apple iChat AV 2.1
  • Apple Xgrid Technology Pre...
  • FileXaminer v2.0
  • Keynote Jam 1.0
  • SuperDuper! 1.2(61)
  • More from Utilities Updates