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Utilities Updates: A-Dock X�1.2.1; Spamfire�1.5; SplashID 3.0; more

Utilities Updates: A-Dock X 1.2.1; Spamfire 1.5; SplashID 3.0; more

A-Dock X 1.2.1 is an application switcher/launcher. The new release has Japanese localization.

Spamfire 1.5 is a spam protection tool. The new release has filter improvements.

SplashID 3.0 is a personal identification organizer for Palm handhelds.

JigSaw 1.0.3 is a file segment joining utility

Labels and Cards Pro 1.8.4 is a general purpose labeling program

  • A-Dock X 1.2.1
  • Spamfire 1.5
  • SplashID 3.0
  • JigSaw 1.0.3
  • Labels and Cards Pro 1.8.4...
  • More from Utilities Updates