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Utiilities Updates: iKey 1.0.6; iKeeper 2.0.2; Safari Extender�1.1.5; more

Utiilities Updates: iKey 1.0.6; iKeeper 2.0.2; Safari Extender 1.1.5; more

iKey 1.0.6 is an automation tool for Mac OS X. The new release can add action to wait the front window has a specific title.

iKeeper 2.0.2 is an Internet clipping database and search tool. This update makes sure that drag and drop is working for all data entry fields, enables copy and paste in the feedback window and fixes an issue with the delete option in the recent list of the welcome window [Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X]

HideItControl 1.00 is a tool to auto hide apps not in foreground

Safari Extender 1.1.5 is a tool to add extras to Safari, save and load tabs and more. The new release adds an option to print the current page along with the Title, URL and time stamp

DockFun! 4.2 is an app launcher enables infinite different docks

Browse Volumes Lite 1.3.6 is a tool to browse entire disks from the contextual menu and menu bar.

  • iKey 1.0.6
  • iKeeper 2.0.2
  • HideItControl 1.00
  • Safari Extender 1.1.5
  • DockFun! 4.2
  • Browse Volumes Lite 1.3.6