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Useful Goodies For The Pre, What Are The Must Haves

Some products i have tested and a little review I have wrote on them.

When it comes to accessories, face it, there are always the cheap ones that break quickly and ruin your device. Than there are the slightly more expensive ones that not only don't break, they also PROTECT your device/investment. When I go to purchase an accessory, I do a lot of shopping and looking around for reviews through multiple sources like Google, Amazon, Youtube, forums, etc. Once i have all information and pricing gathered i make my decision on what accessories will fit me best and where i can get the best price on that accessory. I was once again lucky enough (thanks to accessorygeeks) to test out some new goodies for the Palm Pre. Today I will be doing a full review of not only a desktop cradle and spare battery charger, but also a oem battery itself, a snap on black protective case, and a glare free, oil free, clear screen protector. When browsing around their site you can find anything and everything quickly and easily, whats also nice is that the prices are fair for their accessories that they do offer for each and every phone.

First I would like to do a little review on the screen protector that I have been using for a couple days now. So far I'm very satisfied, in the direct sunlight it does a great job of diminishing the look of the glare allowing the user to still be able to see the icons on the device. The feel of the screen protector is very smooth and honestly I don't know it is even there so the invisible part in the title is very true. Not only is it a smooth stroke with the finger it isn't gooey like some protectors that almost grip your finger when gliding across the screen. I would recommend this without doubt to any of the Pre users or potential Pre users for their devices.

thanks to for the products Matthew Lutker

AccessoryGeeks Link
In a Protective case you can't ask for more than quality, not much added bulk, and a nice rubberized feel for grip. The protective rubberized plastic 2 piece protective case has relieved the worry of scratches on my device. With a coupe clicks around the edges the case snaps on easily without troubles. When in your hand, the rubberized feeling is great and even stays grippy when your hand starts to sweat. The construction and quality of the product is very nice i haven't had any troubles thus far. The link below is where it can be found.

thanks to for the products Matthew Lutker

AccessoryGeeks Link

Last but not least is the desktop charger with spare battery. The battery they offer is an OEM battery and is fairly priced and with oem you can't go wrong since you know what to expect. The desktop charger itself is a very nice two tone with silver and black that is a descent weight and not just a thin cheap layer of plastic. The battery fits into the battery slot perfectly so the spare is always charged. the design is great with the holder for the phone to mount as well as not giving too much cord for the charging port.
AccessoryGeeks Link
AccessoryGeeks Link