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UI guru Nielsen: B2B Web sites not cashing in

The user experience on business-to-business web sites is significantly worse than consumer-facing sites, according to a study done with usability expert Jakob Nielsen.

Surveys, detailed on Tuesday, found that business-oriented sites achieve what they set out do 58 percent of the time, compared to a 66 percent success rate at consumer Web sites.

Most infuriating to B2B Web site users is the absence of pricing information. Also bad are requirements to register, which can lead customers elsewhere, and difficult navigation, according to Nielsen.

"Most B2B sites are stuck in the 1990s in their attitude towards user experience. By still designing for themselves rather than for their customers, they place serious barriers in the way of prospects who use the Web to discover companies to put on their shortlists," said Jakob Nielsen in a statement, who is co-founder and principal of Nielsen Norman Group.