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Two new photo printers from Sony

Sony updates its line of consumer-level photo printers.

Sony photo printer
The DPP-FP67 Stephen Shankland/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Sony's pre-PMA 2009 press event wasn't just about cameras. It was also about things you can buy to go with your camera.

The two new photo printers from Sony aimed at the average point-and-shoot camera owner are the (horrifically monikered) DPP-FP67 and DPP-FP97, updates on last year's DPP-FP75 and DPP-FP95.

The FP67 is the smaller of the two, with a 2.4-inch LCD screen. It can print out 4X6-inch photos, as well as index prints, photo IDs, and calendars. The printer will also do you the favor of fixing red-eyes and evening out the photo's exposure for $120.

The FP97, at $200, has a slightly larger 3.5-inch LCD screen. It prints all the same size photos as its cousin the FP67, as well as a variety of printing templates like calendar, scrapbooks, and frames. This printer can also do something Sony calls "auto dodging," a darkroom technique used for fixing the contrast on specific areas of a photo. White balance, skin smoothing, and red-eye correcting are also within the FP97's power.

Both will be available in May.

Sony DPP-FP97 photo printer
Sony DPP-FP97 photo printer Stephen Shankland/CNET