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Twitter page used to pass malware

Microblogging site becomes a vector for people using social engineering to spread malware.

In this screenshot from Facetime, clicking the link for a photo album could get your computer infected. Facetime

In yet another new way to infect people, criminal hackers are using a Twitter page, according to one security researcher.

In a blog, Chris Boyd, director of malware research for Facetime, explained how a Twitter page is being used to lure victims. To lend credibility to his discovery, the Twitter page lists 17 followers, however each appeared to be fraudulent. Boyd said Twitter had been notified.

The messages, written in Portuguese, attempt to get visitors to download a photo album. In order to view the album, you'll need to download a Flash update, which is really the infection files themselves. Boyd and his team have identified the infection as Orkon.

Once installed, the infected files do various things to the compromised desktop, such as attempt to gain your Orkut account log-in information, or displaying a browser image of a man identifying himself as the "Trickster."

Orkut has been targeted in the past. Here, the infection itself is not so interesting, as is use of Twitter as a vector. Boyd recommends that even if you don't use Orkut, if you see a Twitter page referencing an Orkut photo album, stay away.