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Twitter for iPhone update (with photo filters) hits the App Store

Though Twitter said initially that the new version would be available for both iPhone and Android yesterday, the iPhone update didn't hit the App Store until this morning.

A look at the grid of photo filters available in the new version of Twitter for iPhone. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

IPhone users, you can stop holding your breath. Twitter filters are yours to play with.

Yesterday, in the latest move in its escalating battle with Instagram, Twitter announced new versions of its iPhone and Android apps that for the first time feature in-app photo filters. That move positions Twitter's mobile apps directly against Instagram when it comes to editing and sharing photos, something that's particularly important given that Instagram recently cut off Twitter Card integration -- a step that means Instagram photos no longer show up in tweets.

But while Twitter said yesterday that the new version of its apps would be available immediately on both Android and iPhone, Apple users were unable to download the update. This morning, the new version finally showed up in the Apple App Store.