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Twitter experimenting with a lab of its own

Microblogging service plans to launch Twitter Labs, in the same vein as Google Labs. But what this means for users isn't clear yet.

LONDON--Could Twitter Labs prevent drunken tweets like Google Labs hinders drunken e-mails? Here's hoping.

Britt Selvitelle, Twitter's user experience and front end engineering lead, said here Friday that the company will soon launch Twitter Labs. The service will let developers create add-ons and other functions for the microblogging site. Of course, developers can already do this with Twitter's API, but this will make Twitter a formal participant in the process.

Selvitelle announced the project at the Future of Web Apps conference in London. He did not offer many details, but it sounds similar in function to Google Labs. Google Labs, for example, launches every few weeks (or sometimes days) new experimental functions for Gmail. The Undo Send feature, which lets people recall an e-mail within seconds of sending it, is one example.

Will Twitter Labs do the same? One can at least hope. In which case, I will be able to recall Tweets like this.