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TV in Ultra HD, new designs at CES 2013

At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, television makers will show off the next phase of high definition screens. Also, Samsung will tout a new TV design and bend the norm with flexible screens.

Wednesday's CNET Update bends it like Samsung:

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Today's roundup looks ahead to the International Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off next week in Las Vegas. Many companies are already teasing to what will be unveiled:

- Samsung is touting a new TV design, which could be vertical.

- Ultra HD 4K TVs will be big, literally. Westinghouse will be showing its 110-inch 4K LED TV.

- Future LG televisions will no longer have florescent backlights, making LED the standard across all of the company's LCD TVs. LG will also showcase new smart TV features, including voice commands.

- Samsung Display, a spinoff from Samsung Electronics, will be showing off bendable screens. One is a 5.5-inch smartphone screen, the other will be a 55-inch television-sized display.

- And today's app to watch is a new iPhone app from Facebook that parents should become familiar with. It's called Poke, and it can be a new tool for sexting. Those with the app can send a short text message, photo or video to another app user, and the message will vanish in 10 seconds after its opened. An app like this encourages users to send inappropriate or embarrassing photos, since the messages quickly vanish. But these messages do not actually disappear. Users should Poke with caution, since anyone can take a screenshot to save an image. And videos can be found in a phone's internal storage. The same is true with a similar app, called Snapchat.

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