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Troubleshooting the iPod mini: Audio book issues

Troubleshooting the iPod mini: Audio book issues

We've begun receiving some reports of minor problems with Apple's newly shipping iPod mini.

MacFixIt reader Craig Spirko writes "Bought a silver iPod mini on Friday and while I love it, I?ve found two software bugs: When listening to a book-on-tape ('The da Vinci Code' bought from iTunes) I?ve found that if you?re more than 35 minutes into the track and press the FF button (and hold) the iPod rewinds instead of fast forwarding. On four other books I had the same problem.

"The bug seems to only happen on long tracks (more than an hour) and only on AAC files. AIFF files play normally, and one of the guys on the Apple discussion board reports his copy of 'The da Vinci Code' worked properly, but he downloaded it directly from and I?m guessing they provide mp3s. The nice people at ?The Grove? Apple Store traded me for another brand-new iPod and I?ve got the same problem.

"The other bug is that when the iPod is shut off (or goes off automatically) on an audiobook, it automatically rewinds a minute when you press ?play? and then it begins to play. This may be a ?feature? but it means you have to listen to the same part of the book twice, and since the FF isn?t working it?s kind of a pain."

If you are having similar problems, please drop us a line at

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