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Troubleshooting Safari 1.2 (#3): Tab problems; User agent issues; Login and caches; more

Troubleshooting Safari 1.2 (#3): Tab problems; User agent issues; Login and caches; more

Tab problems If are not seeing new tabs (it seems to be a sporadic problem in version 1.2) in Safari - either from Command-clicking a link or using the "New Tab" function - the browser may actually be accessing the pages, but not drawing the tab in the navigation bar.

Jim Leff writes "If you'll do a command left or right arrow, you'll see that your command clicking on links has gotten the's just that the safari window doesn't draw the tabs. The Cmd-Shift-Arrow shortcut will cycle thru your tabs, so you'll see they're all there. Or do a Cmd W to close current tab, and you'll see the next pop up."

Turning tabs off, then on MacFixIt reader Jay reports that simply turning off tabs in Safari's Preferences (Safari>Preferences in the menubar) then turning tabs back on will cause the problem of new tabs not appearing to disappear: "I, also, had the same problem of tabs not physically appearing. I went to the prefs, disabled tabs, browsed a bit, returned to the prefs, enabled tabs, and it has not given me the same problem since."

User agent options no longer working for some banks A MacFixIt reader reports that the workaround for accessing some online banking systems - switching the browser user agent with the help of the Safari debug menu - no longer works in some cases.

"With earlier versions of Safari I could use the "advisory services" tab on Bank of America's site if I used the debug menu to set the User Agent to 'Mac MSIE 5.2.2.' Since upgrading to Safari 1.2 this no longer works. I have Safari 1.1.1 on another machine, and it still works so long as the User Agent is set to MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer)."

Login problems? Try deleting caches Dave Marsh reports that he was having a problem with Safari 1.2 failing to login to some of his frequently accessed forums. In his case, and possibly others, deleting the Safari cache (Safari>Empty Cache in the menubar) resolved the issue.

Slower performance Although the majority of users report increased performance with Safari 1.2, a handful of readers have noted a measurable decrease. Desmond Harte writes "I don't know if others have notice that after installation the new version is incredibly slow. It seems to take a bit of time to settle down after which it's noticeably snappier than the previous one. I can confirm that several users I know have noted this. Some wanted to switch back because of it. Given that the slowness seems to be accompanied by much grinding of the HD as sites are loaded, particularly often used and therefore cached ones, we've all come to the conclusion that something's either happening with the cache or some other optimization process happens post the install in the background."

Miscellaneous site issues

  • Freearcade Gerry Conway writes "My daughter plays on a free game website called; before upgrading to Safari 1.2 and Java 1.42 she had no problem accessing the site and playing its games. Now, site performance is downgraded severely and she can no longer play using Safari. Internet Explorer works fine."
  • Yahoo Chat William Duncan: "After upgrading to Safari 1.2 and Java 1.4.2, Yahoo chat no longer works. It opens but goes into a log-in log-out frenzy."

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