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Troubleshooting Safari 1.1.1: Crash when option-dragging bookmark folders; MBNA site incompatible

Troubleshooting Safari 1.1.1: Crash when option-dragging bookmark folders; MBNA site incompatible

MacFixIt reader Antonio Dimalanta discovered a bug in Safari 1.1.1 that have been able to reproduce in-house.

Dragging a folder of bookmarks from the "Collections" sidebar (accessible via the Bookmarks>"Show all Bookmarks" command) to the Bookmarks Bar works as expected, generating a pull-down menu of contained bookmarks. However, dragging a folder back to the "Collections" sidebar with the option key held down (causing the folder to remain in the Bookmarks bar and be duplicated in its dragged-to location) will cause Safari to crash. Dragging a folder from the Bookmarks Bar to the "Collections" sidebar without the option key held works as expected.

Dimalanta writes "When I create a folder in the Bookmarks Collection side bar of Safari (with or without web site addresses in it) and then drag it to the Favorites bar (where the Bookmarks icon is located so I can have instant access to that folder), it works. but when I Option-dragged the folder back to the Bookmarks side bar, Safari crashes. This crash can always be reproduced."

We're not sure what precisely is causing Safari to crash in this instance, but this bug will likely be addressed in a future release of the browser.

Apple Knowledge Base article #107657 has a number of suggestions for troubleshooting Safari when it unexpectedly quits, none of which seem to resolve this particular problem.

MBNA site incompatible Brian Williamson reports that MBNA's web site (through which Apple instant loans travel) . Clicking on the pay online link results in this error:

"Browser Upgrade Required: We have detected that your browser is an older version of Netscape. You must upgrade to Netscape Navigator 6.2 or later. You can download a newer version browser... [...]"

You can work around this problem by enabling the Safari debug menu (type "defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1" in the Terminal), then setting the "User Agent" as Netscape 6.2.2.

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