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Troubleshooting QuarkXpress 6.0: Switching between zoom views

Troubleshooting QuarkXpress 6.0: Switching between zoom views

MacFixIt reader Ethan Rips reports an annoying behavior in QuarkXpress 6.0 that forces the user to search for their document through the entire pasteboard when switching between zoom views.

"When typesetting, it is common to switch between 100% & 200% views of a given document. Doing that in QuarkXpress 6.0 results in the document moving off the pasteboard, resulting in time wasted scrolling around trying to find the document again. This is obviously unacceptable to typesetters.

"I spoke with someone at Quark technical support who assured me that Quark Inc. is aware of the problem and is working on a fix for it, which will be included in the first update to QuarkXpress 6.0"

For more troubleshooting information regarding QuarkXpress 6.0, see the special report.

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