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Troubleshooting Mac OS X Panther (#9): FileVault issues; Epson Scanners; Screen calibration issues

Troubleshooting Mac OS X Panther (#9): FileVault issues; Epson Scanners; Screen calibration issues

FileVault We continue to receive reports of data loss?especially user settings and Keychain data?when using FileVault's "reclaim disk space" feature. According to an article from The Register, Apple is "aware of the problem but [is] not yet recommending that users disable FileVault. Simply refusing to allow the software to reclaim lost disk space keeps the bug at bay."

Epson Scanners We previously reported a number of workarounds aimed at getting Epson scanners to work with Panther. One MacFixIt reader reports that none of these workaround helped, but a "shotgun" approach did: he deleted every file that included "Epson Scan" and "Epson TWAIN," and then reinstalled the Epson software for his scanner.

Screen calibration issues Reader Don Bjornsen reports an issue with OS X 10.3 and display calibration, referring us to a thread on Apple's forums. A number of users are finding that after installing OS X 10.3 on an iBook, the screen is "washed out." However, when they attempt to use the Displays pane of System Preferences to calibrate their screen, they get an error that OS X "Cannot calibrate the display. The factory profile for the display cannot be found." Several users report that copying the missing profile from another computer doesn't work. Although no one has yet found a permanent solution to the problem, one participant provided a workaround using the Classic Environment:

  • 1. Start Classic.
  • 2. Open the OS 9 Monitors control panel (located in /System Folder/Control Panels).
  • 3. Select your computer model (in this case, your iBook) from the list of profiles.

This temporarily adjusts the screen; however, your screen will reset to its previous washed out state if you log out or shut down/restart. If you're affected by this bug, another solution is to use the shareware SuperCal to calibrate the screen.

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