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Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3.x: Problems with Ethernet Speed; Address Book glitch

Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3.x: Problems with Ethernet Speed; Address Book glitch

Ethernet speed issues In the past week we've been covering issues with network and Ethernet speeds in OS X 10.3.x. Yesterday we noted that Apple's tech support acknowledged that this issue began in OS X 10.2.8; a report from reader Mike Barron confirms that for his lab, 10.2.8 does indeed appear to have marked the beginning of such issues:

"I run a lab of Macs and I am also seeing irregularities in file copy speeds over AFP. Here's what happens: If I mount a shared machine I can download files from the share at a respectable speed. Uploading, however, is unusually slow. (A 27MB file takes a few seconds to download, but up to a minute to upload.) This is on a 100BT network, all machines running 10.2.8. Previously (i.e. before Winter Break) we ran 10.2.6 and I don't remember ever having this problem (and network copy speeds were something I tested a lot, so I presume I would've noticed this kind of problem.) ... As additional confirmation, I see this same behavior on my PowerBook, which is running 10.3.2. I do NOT see this behavior with my Mac OS X 10.2.6 Server."

Address Book glitch Reader Brett Wickens reports an issue where he mysteriously lost all of his contacts in OS X's Address Book:

"Today I noticed that all the contacts collected in my groups in Panther's address book were blank. So I investigated. For example, I have a group called 'clients'. I dragged two names into it, and when I select the group, they are both there. However, when I switch back to 'all' view and select another name, and drag it to the 'clients' group, it replaces the content of that group with the new entry - all others are lost!"

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