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Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3 (#12): Fix for 3Dfx cards; Switching between HP drivers; more

Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3 (#12): Fix for 3Dfx cards; Switching between HP drivers; more

Fix for 3Dfx cards We previously reported that graphics cards carrying 3Dfx chip sets (including the VooDoo line) have limited resolution and color depth options under Mac OS X 10.3.

MacFixIt reader David Besade has posted a possible solution to the MacHowTo forums. He writes "[...] the fix is pretty much guaranteed for 3dfx cards, and maybe older ATI cards but those have been mixed reports."

"Open the terminal and type this: sudo nvram boot-args="romndrv=1"

You will then be prompted to enter the administrator password.

After restarting, the fix should have taken effect.

Switching back and forth between HP drivers We previously reported that some of the new HP printer drivers included with Mac OS X 10.3 will not allow you to print after the "low ink" warning is displayed. However, Louie Berry reports that you can switch back and forth between the included GIMP Print driver (which allows low ink printing but loses some functionality) and the standard HP driver.

"On my upgrade to Panther from Mac OS X 10.2.8, I find two drivers for the HP 960c printer. One is hp deskjet 960c and the other is HP Deskjet 900 Series, CUPS+GIMP Print v4.25. Using the latter restores several lost options including print quality. You lose the Utility, but you can easily switch to the hp driver using Print Center to read your ink level, etc. and then switch back. My current ink level is down to 10% on the color cartridge and is still printing."

Launching Outlook We previously reported that problems launching Outlook 2001 under Mac OS X 10.3 were solved by moving the application to a partition other than the primary Mac OS X startup volume. Mark Stern notes that you can also simply create a disk image with Apple's Disk Utility and launch Outlook Express from it:

"I?ve found that just creating a disk image of the Outlook 2001 folder, mounting that image and then launching Outlook from the disk image allows Outlook to successfully access the Exchange server. Since I don?t have my hard drive partitioned, this allows me to launch Outlook without burning the Outlook folder to a CD and keeping the CD in my drive full time. The only ?problem? I?ve noticed is that when Outlook is first launched, I get a message saying it can?t access the server. Clicking on the 'Retry" button allows the connection to be made normally and Outlook works without further problems."

Notes on Panther Java Apple has posted Java for Mac OS X v10.3 Release Notes. Among the listed enhancements is "Improved Java applet support for Safari and other web browsers that support the Java Internet Plug-In."


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