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Troubleshooting InDesign CS: Crashes on large files

Troubleshooting InDesign CS: Crashes on large files

Yesterday we noted a problem with large InDesign CS files incorporating large quantities of pages (non facing) with shadow settings and corner effects. We've since received some potential solutions, as well as stirred up discussion of a few other InDesign issues.

The problem, experienced by a number of readers, is that when outputting a large file to either PDF, EPS or printing to Postscript, InDesign crashes continuously either causing a full kernel panic or a quit of InDesign - both under Mac OS X 10.3.2.

S. Stevens writes "I had the same problem and this seemed to help. Go to your Home directory, then Library > Preferences > Adobe InDesign > Version 3.0 and delete the folder called InDesign Recovery."

Other users have suggested that this issue may be related to Extensis Suitcase. Disabling the font management tool, in many cases, resolves the problem.

Tim Gardner writes "I had this same problem using InDesign CS to design a large catalogue. Printing when using drop shadows caused InDesign to quit. I have since bought and run TechTool 4 and it seems a lot more stable."


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