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Troubleshooting Backup 2.0.1: Installation issues

Troubleshooting Backup 2.0.1: Installation issues

Several readers report problems with applying the Backup 2.0.1 updater, with the message "unrecoverable internal system error" cropping up most frequently.

Also, some readers are reporting that upon attempting to perform the 2.0.1 update, they are prompted to join .Mac even if they are already members.

Having Backup 2.0 already installed It seems that some users who already had Backup 2.0 installed are having better luck installing version 2.0.1 than those who have no version of Backup installed.

MacFixIt reader Peter Saward writes: Trying to install Backup 2.0.1 on a new eMac, 1Ghz - Panther with all the updates, the installer reported 'errors during installation' every time I tried to install. The installation, using the same package copied from the eMac, worked correctly on another Panther machine. The only difference between the two machines was that the second machine had Backup 2.0 already installed. Installing Backup 2.0 onto the eMac and then running Backup 2.0.1 resulted in a correct installation.


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