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Trey Ratcliff on HDR and the future of photography

Renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff discussed with us the wonders of high dynamic range photography, and how to challenge your preconceived notions of imaging.

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Renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff has a job that every aspiring photographer envies.

Ratcliff is a photographer with an array of spectacular images to his name, travelling the world to document some spectacular sights. His work has helped pioneer a resurgence in high dynamic range (HDR) photography. Travelling to Australia recently, Ratcliff spoke with CNET Australia about his artistic philosophies, the realities of running a successful imaging business and the future of HDR.

Get acquainted with more of Ratcliff's work by taking a look at his website, Stuck In Customs, where he posts a new photo every day. You can also follow him on Twitter and Google+.

Ratcliff also offers a range of video tutorials on photography. As a special discount to CNET Australia readers, enter the code "THANKSLEXI" for a 15 per cent discount on the nine class HDR tutorial on Stuck In Customs.