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Trendnet adds Wireless-N to security camera

Trendnet launches a Wireless-N high-performance Internet security camera.

If you're looking for a wireless security camera that supports the high-speed Wireless-N standard, Trendnet has something for you.

On Tuesday, the company announced its Wireless-N Internet Camera Server with 2-Way Audio, model TV-IP512WN. Essentially, this is a Wireless-N security camera that you can assess and control over the Internet without any additional equipment--thus the "server" moniker.

An Internet Security Camera from Trendnet. Trendnet

According to Trendnet, the TV-IP512WN supports throughput speeds up to 300Mbps and provides up to four times the coverage of comparable Wireless-G products. Its two-way radio feature means you can communicate with the person standing in front of the camera from the remote location.

The new TV-IP512WN comes with a free software suite that can manage up to 32 Trendnet security cameras with some advanced features. Examples of these features are multiple various-shaped, motion-detection-recording windows; event-driven e-mail alerts; scheduled recording sessions; MPEG-4- and MJPEG-image compression; and advanced hard drive storage-allocation tools.

The TV-IP512WN supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, meaning adding it to a wireless network is as easy as pressing a single button. It has input/output ports that can be hard-wired to third-party alarm systems.

The camera also comes with a removable CS lens and features 16x digital zoom. It has a built-in SD card slot to store images on an SD card.

The Wireless N Internet Camera TV-IP512WN will be available for purchase starting May 1, with an estimated price of $250.