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TiVo wants to find you true love

You watch "Skating with the Stars." He watches "The Sopranos." Can the two of you share a lasting love?

Television preferences may not be the ultimate predictor of a successful union, but anyone who's ever snuggled up to a partner for an hour of "Lost"--or "Wife Swap"--knows the bliss of a shared tube mindset.

Enter TiVo's San Francisco Valentine's Day mixer, where singles will get matched according to their TiVo wish lists. "You can tell a lot about a person from the TV shows they watch!" says the e-mail invite. "Let your 'Now Playing List' be your guide."

The event takes place Monday, Feb. 13 at a downtown bar. Prior to the gathering, registrants are asked to fill out a "TiVo Matchmaker Quiz" that poses such queries as "Name your top three SeasonPass recordings" and "Name your top WishList searches on actor, director or sports team." At the soiree, guests will pick up a personalized "Now Playing List" name badge, which will include "TiVo Suggestions" on the people TiVo thinks could offer you a lifetime of TV harmony. (Don't worry: The names will be hidden on the back-side of your badge, the invite says).

And if you don't find that perfect Renaissance person whose now-playing slate includes "True Hollywood Story" and that latest Discovery Channel expose on semiconductors, you'll still score two free drinks and get automatically entered in a raffle for one of 14 new TiVo boxes.