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TiVo partnerships target cable market

Company announces a couple of deals to help make the next generation of TiVo HD products more cable friendly.

TiVo announced two deals Monday that will help the company better target the cable market with its next generation of high-definition digital video recorders.

Specifically TiVo said it will work with set-top software maker Alticast to make it easier to integrate TiVo's technology into advanced set-top boxes for cable operators. Alticast makes software that enables consumer electronics makers to easily create cable set-top boxes that combine functions, like DVR functionality and Blu-ray Disc players.

Using the Alticast technology, TiVo can combine more complicated and sophisticated technology into its next generation of DVR products, which will ultimately help cable operators reduce hardware costs while also increasing the number of interactive services for users.

TiVo also announced a deal with SeaChange, a video-on-demand and IPTV technology provider, to integrate its technology with TiVo's next-generation DVRs. What this means for consumers, is that they will be able to search for VOD titles through the TiVo search interface, helping extend the TiVo experience beyond recorded shows and incorporating VOD services. TiVo said TiVo-branded high-definition cable-ready set-top boxes that integrate the SeaChange VOD functionality will be available later this year.

TiVo practically invented the DVR market. And even though cable operators have launched their own competing DVR services, TiVo's software and user interface have remained top-notch, attracting a loyal following of consumers. Over the past couple of years, TiVo has been partnering with cable operators, helping provide these operators with advanced DVR services that help set them apart from TV competitors. TiVo's latest announcements will help the company move further in this direction by helping make the next generation of TiVo HD products more cable friendly.