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Time's competitive move

Time Warner's leading news publication has redesigned its Web site. Time magazine is hoping to get more competitive online.

The site's editor says, "We'll have the feel of a daily news magazine." That means competing with Yahoo and Google news, blog sites, TV news networks and dozens of other print publications-- not just traditional rival Newsweek. Big job.

Time's online traffic apparently trails Newsweek with its close links to There, Newsweek has at least four direct links right in the middle of the front page. And those two sites don't even share ownership.

A hint to the suits at Time Warner. Check the front page of your own mega news site I did and found one lonely link to the Time Web site. Of course, timely Time stuff is a Web imperative. We all knew the Web is live 24-7. You'd think that knowledge would be innate in a site called Time.