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Timbuk2 Crater case: A little air for your Air

Timbuk2's perforated Crater laptop sleeve is designed to give your MacBook Air or ultrabook some breathing room.

The Timbuk2 Crater is available in three color schemes and costs $35. Timbuk2

Timbuk2 makes some interesting laptop and tablet cases, and I thought it was worth highlighting the Crater laptop sleeve, which hit the market a few months back and is ostensibly designed for Apple's MacBook Air models but can also be used with slim Windows ultrabooks.

It has a rubbery, meshlike feel to it, and is very lightweight (I've used it for the last week with an 11-inch Macbook Air). The key feature is that if you hold it up to the light (or just look at it), you'll notice that it has lots of little perforations or "craters" in it and light passes through it.

Available in three color schemes, Timbuk2 describes the Crater as follows: "This well-ventilated, ultra-slim design keeps it nice and cool, while the high-density foam construction puts the kibosh on scratches. And when it wants out, the L-shaped zipper lets you get at it from a vertical or horizontal orientation."

The only point that I take some issue with in the product description is the line that says that the Crater is "imported." Yes, like Apple products, this one's designed in California and made in China. However, I'm not sure that really qualifies it as an import--at least not in the swanky sense of the word.

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